Tuesday, October 19, 2010


God is a boundless provider. I tend easily to forget this, and maybe even you do too, which quickly reveals the identity of the limited party in the relationship between humanity and its omnipotent Creator.

Much has happened since I last posted two weeks ago and reported a remaining need of $282 to meet the key $4,500 threshold to cover the start-up costs for the Anslay Church of God Child Survival Program. It began on the morning after my blog entry posted, when a good friend knocked on our front door to deliver a check for $100 towards that remaining balance. He and his wife were also monthly sponsors but after reading the blog he felt compelled to commit additional funds to provide for the mothers and infants in Mbulu. It was an enormous blessing, but as I would soon find out, there would be more to come.

That following Saturday morning I received an unexpected call from my good friend Steve, explaining that he and his “Bible Club” were hosting a car wash that day and that 100 percent of the proceeds would be donated to the CSP. I was dumbfounded. Steve, who is a teacher in the Fairborn, Ohio public school system, hosts a Bible study for several of his students, and they had elected to focus on the Anslay CSP for their annual service project. He was previously unfamiliar with this blog, and knew nothing of the immediate need which made it that much more special.
I quickly explained the situation to him, and then drove the family up to see Steve and his crew at work. Steve had directed us to the Minute Lane Car Wash which had graciously agreed to donate 20 percent of every car being washed that afternoon towards the Child Survival Program. It was such a blessing to see these kids so hard at work: beckoning passing vehicles, toweling off windows and wheel hubs as cars exited, and asking for additional donations for those willing to give.

Later that day, I received a second call from Steve, explaining that it would be a few days before the receipts were tallied from the car wash itself, but that they had made more than $200 that day in tips alone! Just like that, a milestone was reached, and I was humbly reminded once again that these Tanzanian mothers and their children belong to God, and that He can accomplish whatever He wills far beyond any human effort and ingenuity. It’s all His, in case we’ve (more than occasionally) forgotten, and it’s because of His inspiration and grace that we’re able to come to this understanding in the first place.

The need continues and the opportunities abound for individuals or groups to partner with us on a monthly or one-time basis. Praise the Lord who gives each of us the opportunity to serve Him and seek first a kingdom that will never end.

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.
Psalm 127:1

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