Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glimpsing the Future

As we partner with others to fund the Anslay Church of God Child Survival Program, we are looking forward to learning more about the people who will be blessed through the collected contributions. As more sponsorships arrive each week, we move a little bit closer towards the moment when we can report that the project is fully funded. We've got a long way to go yet, but feel so encouraged as God continues to move in people's hearts to participate.

In the mean time I wanted to pass along a couple of true stories that describe how the Lord is at work in the lives of individuals and communities where CSP programs have already been established. Both give a picture of the care that awaits the families in Mbulu, Tanzania once the project is funded.

The first recounts the story of a Ugandan mother who received lifesaving care for her and her newborn child as a result of a local CSP. You can read her story here.

The second is a copy of a report from a CSP in Illimomen, Kenya. This report is typical of what you will eventually receive as a sponsor of the Anslay project, and it provides a helpful summary of the actual number of mothers and infants that are a part of the program, a list of prayer requests, and photographs of the families. Since each CSP is managed and facilitated by a local church, the report also contains an interview with the project's pastor. You can read a copy of the report here.

Though we don't yet know the people of Mbulu, we know that God certainly does and we love them and continue to pray for the Lord's provision as we move forward. Please consider partnering with us today. Your contribution may very well save a life, and in the process begin to release a child and a family from poverty in Jesus' name!

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