Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Witness the Power of One

What if you knew that the gift of your commitment to love and support another individual, could literally save their life and set it on a path that might bless a multitude of others for generations and an eternity to come?

It’s easy to rattle off statistics about third-world mortality rates, and to quote incomprehensible figures meant to paint a picture of the losses being realized each day in places where hope is a concept as inconceivable as a snowflake. Contemplating and praying over the plight of the masses is both right and necessary, but at its heart, the most compelling number of all is the life of one.

By supporting Compassion’s Child Survival Program you give a little one a chance at life, and once they are old enough, the opportunity to be a part of the Child Sponsorship Program where they can develop a one-on-one relationship with a sponsor who will love, support, and pray for them. It’s truly difficult to measure the power of this connection as countless stories of hope, rescue, and redemption are living proof of its incredible impact. Many children grow up to qualify to be a part of Compassion’s Leadership Development Program which provides Christian leadership training and tuition for Compassion graduates to attend an accredited university. Though I could point you to encouraging statistics about the number of children being rescued from the cycle of poverty, I’d just like you to hear the amazing story of one.

The video below introduces you to Jimmy Wambua who shares his incredible journey of survival and hope in the midst of great deprivation and heart-wrenching tragedy. His story provides us with an incredible example of what can happen when one is simply willing to reach out to another to share the love of Christ. Perhaps today is the day for you to stand in the gap for one who is waiting for their own journey begin. (Jimmy’s story begins at the 1:50 mark)

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