Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Voice of Hope

As some of you may recall, earlier this year we were blessed to receive encouraging news about one of the mothers from the Anslay Church of God Child Survival Program, named Aurelia Akonaay. Her story was featured here.  Later we and other sponsors were thrilled to receive a letter which shared how the CSP had ministered and cared for her and her newborn child.

Well, once again I am truly honored to share the contents of another beautiful letter from an Anslay CSP participant by the name of Neema Jacob, pictured with her son Christopher below. My own words really don't do it justice so I'll be brief. Just know that the Holy Spirit continues to work in Mbulu, Tanzania and your ongoing gifts have contributed so much. We are still in need of numerous sponsorships in to sustain the ongoing physical needs of these precious lives. We'd like to ask you to consider giving today if you haven't already. Click here to learn more about the Anslay CSP and to help deliver life-saving care and the soul-saving message of the gospel. In the mean time, it's a true blessing to introduce you to Neema and Christopher:
Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

I greet you all in the name of Jesus. My family and I are all well. It is my hope that you that you too, are well. I am very grateful to God in heaven for giving me an opportunity to be a recipient of this child survival program. I am also grateful to all project staff that involved in this program for being very helpful and supportive to me at a time I was facing many challenges. During my pregnancy, they visited me regularly at home and advised and counseled me. They taught me on different matters like feeding and immunization.

At my time of delivery, this program was very helpful in many ways especially at the hospital whereby they provided me with the means of transport from home to the hospital. Not only that, through this program many things have been done to me and I receive a lot of materials such as food stuff, thermos flask, clothes for my baby, body jelly, soap etc for the baby on monthly basis.

In this program I have been taught various lessons on health, hygiene, entrepreneurship, environmental and personal lessons, we also learn about curable and non curable diseases as well as how to feed our babies as required, the lessons are taught at the centre and sometimes at the zonal centers not far from where I live.

Also I have been taught the word of God, the advantage of being a prayer warrior. Through entrepreneurship lessons, I realized that I am personally improving economically because now I have started doing small things which help me to have some earnings.

I also have been learning quite a lot through my fellow women as every time we meet at the center, or when we go for choir practice or when we meet session called preparation of good food, I learn things like how to take good care of my baby Christopher.

Something else so special that I experienced in this program is Medicare when my baby is sick and I could not given proper treatment at the government District hospital this program helps by facilitating the treatment of the child at the referral hospital for example in July 2010 by my baby Christopher was sick, through this program we got good treatment at a referral hospital in another region from July to September until he was healed completely.

Lastly I am very grateful to you for your loving kindness, which you have extended to me materially; spiritually etc also I am grateful for the commitment of Compassion staff, I won’t forget how they helped me when my son Christopher was sick.

I have nothing to pay you back, I pray for you and your families that God will bless you a hundred times and more.

Yours in CSP,
Neema Jacob

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